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Life Together Groups (LTG’s)

A Life Transformation Group is made up of two to three people, all of the same gender, who meet weekly for personal accountability in the areas of their spiritual growth and development. A group should not grow beyond three but multiply into two groups of two rather than a single group of four. If a fourth person is added to the group, it is recommended that the group consider itself “pregnant” and ready to give birth to a second group.

After the fourth person has demonstrated sufficient faithfulness to the group for two to three weeks, the group should multiply into two groups of two. There is no curriculum or training needed for the LTG. A simple bookmark that stays in the participant’s Bible is all that is needed. The LTG accountability consists of three essential disciplines for personal spiritual growtha steady diet of Scripture, confession of sin, and prayer for others who need Christ.

Let’s summarize:

a. LTGs meet once a week for approximately an hour.

b. LTGs are groups of two or three (adding a fourth person is the beginning of the second group, and multiplication is imminent).

c. The groups are not mixed gender.

d. There is no curriculum, workbook, or training involved. e. There is no leader needed in the group.

f. Only three tasks are to be accomplished:

1) Sin is confessed to one another in mutual accountability.
2) Scripture is read repetitively, in context, and in community.
3) Souls are prayed for strategically, specifically, and continuously.