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One of those days, Jesus went up on a mountainside to pray,
and spent the night
praying to God.
Luke 6:12

Jesus was in constant contact with his Father, whom he spoke of in a very personal, intimate, and familiar way. The source of Jesus’ success is found here in his UP relationship with his Father. He connected with God the Father regularly. He did what he saw the Father doing. And Jesus taught his disciples to do the same.

At Compass, we remind ourselves of the paramount importance of our connection with God (UP) by integrating upward elements in everything we do. Our focus on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights is communing with God in song and prayer and hearing His voice as we study His word. We host Christian concerts where the name of the LORD is lifted up. Our groups, ministries and even social events always incorporate times of prayer, study or devotional thoughts that bring us closer to God. Our relationship with God the Father, through Jesus, provides the source of strength and inspiration for all we do.